Delio Cloud

A simple way to build
a Defi cryptocurrency lending service!


What is Delio Cloud?

About Delio Cloud?

You can integrate Delio Cloud into your pre-existing services to build and utilize Defi cryptocurrency services, which include the ability to lend and deposit amounts of cryptocurrency.

Without having to make additional account, members can use existing login ID to immediately use lending or deposit services.


Reasons why you should use Delio Cloud?

Why Delio Cloud?

  • Simple integration

    Integrate simple lending and
    deposit services

  • Easy service setup

    Businesses can easily setup and
    utilize lending, depositing and mining services

  • Expand asset liquidity

    Expand asset liquidity
    by inflow of external assets

Integration effect

  • Setting up the lending and deposit services is easy and fast
  • No need to secure additional funds for lending
  • Increase the growth of your cryptocurrency assets and expand liquidity supply
  • Secure fund management by careful monitoring of lending funds
  • Gain additional profits by taking advantage of profit sharing with other businesses
  • Resolve regulation risks
  • Provides various ways of investments by different quantities of collateral and lending cryptocurrencies
  • Participate in cryptocurrency Defi alliance ecosystem with BP

What is Delio Cloud API?

What is Delio Cloud API?


  • Login API Login API
  • Lending API Lending API
  • Deposit API Deposit API
  • Mining API Mining API


  • Easy integration

    Takes average of 1 week

  • Highest security

    Data Loss Prevention (DLP),
    Identity and Access Management (IAM)

  • Automatic process

    The automated lending process via use of algorithms and
    smart contracts means applying takes less than one minute
    from starting the application to receiving the loan


How is Delio Cloud integrated?

How to Use?

Integration type

Single ID login

Use your customer member user ID (Ex. Log in directly with Bithumb ID) and use the lending and deposit service immediately.
No sign-up for a Delio account is needed.

Platform Lending

The lending and deposit service is embedded in the platform itself and you should be able to access it accordingly.

Successful cases

Bithumb x Delio

  • Integrated and launched Delio’s lending and deposit services
    (financial services) within Bithumb’s application platform
  • Contribute in Bithumb 2020 first half financial service revenue
  • Escape from legal issues of lending and deposit services operated the exchange

Also partnered with other reputable exchanges including Hanbitco

Is Delio a trustworthy platform?

Who We Are?

  • Top lending amount

    The biggest lending amount size among domestic service providers

  • Reputable partners

    Bithumb, Bithumb Custody, Law office of DR & AJU,
    Xangle, Coiness, Korea University, Hanbitco, De Centre, Bitfury

    Large-scale of lending funds

    Large scale of lending funds agreement with MWAC of Tembusu

  • Financial stability

    Series A investment from Honest Ventures and Kingo Investment Partners

Who are the Delio Cloud users?

Delio Cloud Appliances

  • bithumb
  • Cashierest
  • bithumb custody
  • bulldax
  • Fintech Danal
  • FTX
  • BORA
Inquiries about Delio Cloud integration

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